General Info & useful documents – IIRC & PIRC

A. Upcoming Events Dates & Locations

PIRC 2016 Saturday November 26th in the main UL Sports Arena on UL Campus – REGISTRATION CLOSES November 16th 2016

IIRC 2017 Saturday January 21st in the main UL Sports Arena on UL Campus –REGISTRATION CLOSES January 11th 2017

B. There can be up to four types of categorised individual race at the PIRC or IIRC:

a. Standard 2000m (2k),
b. 1000m (1k)
c. 500m sprint
d. Set time – Jun 13 (3 mins) , Jun 14 (4 Mins) & Jun 15 (5 mins)

C. IIRC Race Series events have three types of categorised Relay or Team:

  1. Team Relay (2000m) consists four competitors assigned a rowing machine on which they must complete a 2k as quickly as possible with as many changeovers as they like, managing their own individual fitness levels & abilities. They may optimise the foot straps for performance but nothing else of the ergometer may be altered. Relay Categories will have only one winner per category.
  2. Linked Concept 2 Slider pairs – teams consisting two competitors simultaneously racing a 2k with their average output determining ‘boat’ speed [As per Concept 2 Venue Race Manager software].
  3. Interpro Teams consisting four competitors per Irish Province simultaneously racing their category distance or set time having their cumulative finish positions summed whereupon the province with the lowest score wins.

D. Other useful information:

Drag Factors MAY NOT be changed during an Individual or Team race!

We aim to schedule Rest Time of 1.5 hours between each event per category where possible

A list of available Race Categories is available for each event

If it is your intention to break an Irish or World Record please contact the organisers in order that the necessary preparations may be made.

Please note your Race No. & Race Title for registration purposes. Once registered you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not please notify the organisers. Inconsistencies may result in entry being delayed or refused. For help or more info email

Please ensure that you are eligible for your selected events. Review the Rules, Terms & Conditions and the Age & Race Categories for each event.

E. Documents that you’ll need:

Rules, Terms & Conditions

Age & Race Categories

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Group Entry Form

(You might want to download or ‘save’ this file before filling it in online. Change the filename to reflect your club name for example. Just follow the instructions and it will do the calculations for you. Right click your mouse and select ‘Insert rows’ for more rows. If you get into bother just email and we’ll help you out.)

Directions to the UL Arena Limerick

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