The ROWfit Virtual Indoor Rowing Series aims to help develop home- and club-based virtual Indoor racing to temporarily replace the usual IIRC Race Series of the PROVINCES IRC and the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q: What is the ROWfit Virtual Indoor Rowing Race Series?
A: Three (3) Events comprising of rowing machine racing on an internet platform (Time-Team) where competitors race each other LIVE in Realtime and can be viewed by the general public.

Q: When are these races?
A: Event No. 1 is Saturday 3rd October 2020, Event No.2 Saturday 24 or 31st October 2020 and Event No.3 Weekend of 21st or 28th November

Q: Who can enter these Events?
A: Anyone with access to a Concept 2 static rower with an updated PM3/4/5 (firmware), a basic understanding of IT, a printer cable (USB A-B) and a computer (Mac or PC) can access and compete in the Series.

Q: What will it look like?
A: The recent British Virtual Championships available to view here is a good example of what the VIRC will be like.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Seniors are €15 per race and Juniors €10 per race. Event No. 1 is short and sweet. Later Events will allow for 2 and 3 races. Pricelist here

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Have a Read of the T&C’s here  then determine your Race Category here then REGISTER HERE


Have a read through the information pack below (click and scroll) or download it from HERE

VIRC Information Pack Rev 1VIRC Information Pack Rev 1